Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dial-a-Fix -- Fix most common Windows issues

One of the tools I have been using a lot of times with success is Dial-a-fix (DAF), developed by DjLizard.
And that's why I wanted to blog about it - this to make people aware that most common Windows issues can actually be fixed with one single tool, instead of creating several different fixes such as registry fixes, batches etc...
Even though this tool is meant for Power users, technicians, it's safe to use without technical experience. However, guidance is still recommended.

Some examples of what it fixes:

* Windows Installer
* Windows Update
* Registration of ActiveX, Control Panel Applets, Explorer/IE/OE/Shell, OLE...
* Reinstall of BITS, Windows Firewall, WMI, Help and Support, defrag... and so many more.

Take a look at the following screenshots to find out what options/fixes it contains:

And the Tools option (Hammer below in the main screen):

Many programs/tools, or malware may change default settings, break applications, so the idea behind Dial-a-fix is to fix problems by resetting everything back to their original Microsoft defaults.
For example, if you have been using Registry Cleaners, System Tweaking tools which I do not recommend, then Dial-a-Fix may be the solution to restore what above tools have broken.

Dial-a-Fix is mainly developed for Windows XP, but it also works under 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and Server 2003. It doesn't support Vista yet.

Important note.. Before you use Dial-a-fix, make sure you read the WARNINGS section on the Dial-a-fix site first.

And in case you need assistance with Dial-a-fix, or there are problems with Dial-a-fix, post your issues here.

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