Saturday, April 5, 2008

Webmasters... *sigh*

This is an update to my previous post here.

I received another phonecall from the guy who was having problems with his website..
This time, he was complaining about the fact that he couldn't access his admin panel anymore.
(This since the "Webmaster" passwordprotected it with .htaccess)

Me: "Ok, so what problem are you exactly having"
He: "There's a login box now and I don't know the login name and password. Whatever I try, it doesn't work."
Me: "Did, xxxx (name of the webmaster) contact you to tell you what login and password you have to use?"
He: "No"

Oh boy.. I started to swear in a non understandable Bruges dialect :)

So, once again, I called the Webmaster...

Me: "It's good you passwordprotected the admin directory now, but it's also a good idea to let your clients know what login and password they have to use"
He: "True, I forgot" The login is xxxx and pass is xxxxx" (yes, he really told me)
Me: "Why are you telling me this, you have to tell your clients!"

While I was on the phone, I did a Reverse IP domain check to see what other sites he created/was hosting..

7 of them... and they all had an admin directory. This time all passwordprotected. (Glad to see he really updated/changed that).
The login box appeared and I entered the login and password he gave me previously.. I was in!!
I mean, I was in for all the sites he created, this since all logins and passwords were the same...!

Should I start to cry or....

So I once explained him that it was a bad idea to give everyone the same login and password - and that he also should contact his clients to make them aware of the updates he made etc etc..
I really hope he'll take his responsibility as a webmaster now, since his clients pay for this!

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