Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April's fool or...

As expected, the Storm worm was present again today (actually in the last 24 hours), taking advantage of April 1st.
It's spreading through e-mails as an April Fool's day e-card. Subjects are random, such as : "Happy April Fools!", "Happy All Fools Day!", "Join the Laugh-A-Lot!" etc..

Contents of the mail:

The mail contains a link to a webserver, where it downloads an installer for the file aromis.exe.
More info about the file here.
So always be careful what you receive via mail!

Sidenote - offtopic - even though it's April 1st today, I received a mail from Microsoft today that I was re-awarded - the MVP Consumer Security award - this already for the third year.
So this was no joke! :)

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