Saturday, March 1, 2008

MEDION AKOYA MD 96630 Premium - I'm impressed

I was already looking for a new laptop since last year, but couldn't decide which one to buy.
My current laptop Fujitsu siemens Amilo M1425 XP SP2 installed is great, but I needed an extra one with Windows Vista installed, because it's easier for me to properly troubleshoot Windows Vista issues when I have the operating system in front of me. I actually already had Windows Vista installed in a Virtual machine (Vmware), but since it needs so much resources, you can imagine that it was really crawling and I actually could have a cup of coffee while Vista was loading in Vmware.
I also could have a dual boot - one with XP, one with Vista, but then again, I'm a bit lazy and don't like to switch everytime :)

So, that's why I decided to buy a new laptop.....

Since the public release of Vista, many laptops were already preinstalled with Vista and there were still many incompatibility issues with other hardware and software installed. Most software - at that time - were not "vista ready" yet, so that's why I decided to wait a bit longer.

Nowadays, most software/hardware should be Vista compatible, so I've waited long enough, time to get myself a new OS, new laptop.

I was actually going to wait until april/may this year for the new laptop, this to make sure everything was REALLY Vista compatible (hardware related).
But I've changed my mind when I received a mail with this. Hmm Medion, I've heard some weird things about it....

699 euro.. I thought they were joking. So, I went to Aldi and bought it anyway, and guess what - it was no joke. I've uninstalled the preinstalled Bullguard and some other "goodies", reinstalled my "own" programs and everything works great and incredibly fast - even faster than my Fujitsu siemens Amilo M1425! (what do you expect with 3GB of ram) :)

So medion isn't so bad after all - on the contrary....

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