Saturday, March 1, 2008

Windows Vista - Backup pleasseeeee....

Even though Windows Vista is much more secure than XP (if UAC is enabled), people still allow many programs from dubious resources (p2p resources/crack-hacksites) and run/install it. Yes, people love to click the "OK" button even though it's not OK.
That was a bad idea.. wasn't it? So I hope you'll read the notifications/messages next time....
Anyway, if you indeed managed to install malware and the malware already compromised your system where it also damaged a lot - then the fastest and especially safest solution is a format and reinstall.
I actually do not really recommend a format and reinstall anyway, but in some cases, you really have no other option if you want to trust your system ever again..
Unfortunately, nowadays malware is more advanced and nastier than a couple of years ago.
After all, it would be irresponsible of me if I proceed with giving instructions for manual removal and tell the user afterwards his/her system is clean - because it is NOT! So in such cases, I always make the user aware of with what s(he) is dealing and let them decide what to do - a format and reinstall or manual removal. If they choose for the manual removal, then I will assist them, but make them aware that they may never trust this system anymore, it's compromised and many issues may still appear afterwards.

And that's where the problems start...
"Sorry, I can't do a format/reinstall, because I have so many important documents, pictures etc present that I don't want to lose"
And in most cases, the malware present already damaged so much > result > computer won't even boot anymore. Ofcourse there are still a lot of methods to access your important files in such cases anyway to back them up...

And that's why Windows Vista made it a lot easier for you.... By default, it contains the option to backup your important files. So if it's present by default? Why not use it? No need to install additional tools for this, just run the backup wizard.
Start orb > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Back up your computer.
There you can select to create a backup of your files and folders and store them wherever you want.
Easy huh? So why don't you backup right now? Because you never know what the future may bring. After all, not only malware, but a corrupted program install/updates may cause a system unstable/unbootable as well.

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