Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Do, or do not. There is no try.

And now for something completely different - not computer or security related...
Some of you may recognise above quote (title). It's a famous quote from Star Wars - quoted by Yoda. (Yes, I am a Star Wars fan and yes, I know that sounds weird for a female :P )
Anyway, that's what this blogpost is about - about Jedi, the dog my mother is taking care of.
Since recently my mother has some serious health problems, so she can't take care of Jedi anymore. That's why we need to find a new home for Jedi.
Jedi is female, breed is American Staffordshire. She's now 6 years old. She's very social and smart.

Since I already have 3 dogs (also American Staffordshires), I can't have another one anymore.
Although I used to breed them, since I moved, I don't have the space and time anymore for a 4th dog.
That's why I thought that, maybe this blogpost may help to find someone who wants to adopt Jedi.
Since I live in Belgium (Bruges), it would be ideal to find someone nearby.

Keep in mind, a dog is for life - that's why I used "Do, or do not. There is no try." as the title of my blogpost here - this since you'll have to think twice before you make the decision to adopt/get a dog.
If you're interested and need more info about Jedi, contact me via my "dog"site or drop a comment below.
(Only serious candidates - the rest will be ignored)

UPDATE: I've found someone to take care of Jedi. I'm sure she'll be in good hands :)

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