Sunday, June 1, 2008

Woopra - new real-time Web tracking and analysis application

Most people who run a website or have a blog have a Web tracking and analysis application present. Always useful to see how much visitors your Website/Blog has, where your visitors come from, what posts are popular etc etc...

I used to have SiteMeter "installed" - but I replaced it with W3Counter since it has more options, statistics etc. However, there's still something I'm missing - until I found Woopra. It really has all the options/statistics I want! I'm sure you're going to like the several features it offers. You can run it from the desktop and it even includes Real Time notifications.

Anyway... for me, It looks pretty neat. :)

I signed up today and I'm currently waiting for my approval. This may take a while according to their blog.
So I can't tell yet what to expect - but I'll update this blogpost with my thoughts/view once woopra is up and running.
And if I like it - then I'll replace my current w3counter with it.

I love to test new "goodies" - so what's next? :)

My blog was approved today (june 4), so Woopra is currently up and running.
I'm really impressed with all the options it contains. I even scared some visitors today with the chat feature :P (Don't worry, I won't use this feature often :D)
There are still some bugs present - but then again, this is also still a beta.
Can't wait for the final release. This is a keeper, that's for sure.

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