Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Protect your family and computer with Windows SteadyState

If you're having kids who use the computer frequently, then it may happen once in a while that important settings were changed, or malware and other unwanted software was installed.
That's why Windows SteadyState may be the ideal program for you.

Windows SteadyState is mainly Parental Control software, where you can create several different user profiles and for each of the profiles you can set restrictive policies.
Example of Windows Restrictions, Feature restrictions and Block programs:

Also, under the general tab, you can set how long your kid may use the computer and you can lock the user profiles in order to prevent that they are making important changes.

But the feature I love the most is the "Windows Disk Protection".
With this option enabled, you can make all changes back undone - it clears all changes that were made during the last user session and resets it to the condition it was in before. A simple reboot is needed to reset it. You can also modify the settings and set it to retain changes temporarily + adjust the date when it should revert itself to a previous condition.
Or you can select to retain all changes permanently.

This is ideal in cases when the computer gets infected, or important settings were changed, or a program is causing problems after install or update etc etc..
As a matter of fact - anyone could use this feature if you like to test several settings on your computer, install software to betatest or perform any important system change if you're not sure what the outcome may be. Just revert to a previous condition if it didn't work out or retain the changes.

Windows SteadyState is for *FREE
*only for genuine Windows XP / Vista

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