Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So, who am I ?

Many people already asked me where "miekiemoes" stands for. This is a dutch dialect for Mickey Mouse. People already call me like that since I was 5 years old or so. This because my realname is Mieke, I'm not tall and "fast as a mouse"
(although I am not that fast anymore :) )

So that's why I started to use this name on the internet as well.

My main interests are my dogs and the internet.
I have 3 American Staffordshires. I used to breed them but unfortunately I don't have the time and space for that anymore.

And my other interest: The Internet.

In 2002, I bought my first computer and I still remember the first day I had my computer - I had to call my brother how to shut this thing off. :)
I really didn't know anything about computers - but that changed very soon....
I love to learn, so that's why I started to learn basics about Windows. Then I wanted to learn more about websites/webdesign - made some websites, learned how to use flash etc..

After a while I was bored with this, so I wanted to learn something new - and that's how it all started - what I am doing now.
At the time, when I was still into webdesign and flash, I registered at some forums to ask for help. I've noticed that there were a lot of subforums present related with Windows Security, and everyday A LOT of new posts were added there. I wondered why these subforums were so popular, so I started to read these posts and it came to my attention that most Windows related issues were a result of malware present.
So I wanted to know/learn all about this, because it was a real pest then and still is a real pest nowadays.
So I started to follow these posts, reading the instructions/solutions, trying to understand them and asking questions.
After a while, when I saw a similar issue somewhere else, I could help these people as well since I've learned a lot in a meanwhile.

But I always wanted to learn more and more and more.... and that's why I registered at several other Security Related forums to gain as much info as I could.

I started to help people there as well and even started to teach people who wanted to become a "malware fighter".
In a meanwhile I also started with my own small Dutch Security related forum where I guide people with malware removal. I also created some hidden forums there where "Helpers" could share their expertise and thoughts.
Now we are 3 years later and I am still doing the same. I gained a lot more info, learned a lot about Windows in general, the Registry, malware, random troubleshooting etc..
Microsoft also awarded me for my online contribution so since April 2006 I became a Microsoft MVP - Consumer Security.

I've also deleted my old forum (it was a phpbb forum) and have started with a new forum and new forumsoftware (MyBB) - more secure and more options present.
You can find my forum here: Mivercon Security Forum

So for support, you can always ask your questions there. It's a Dutch forum - but we also give English support

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