Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Dance - Blog 1 year old!

I started with this blog exactly 1 year ago. I actually didn't expect anything from this since I'm not a writer and don't have enough inspiration either to update my blog every (other) day.
The main goal of this blog was to post some tutorials and thoughts for the "average" user I was helping on forums and newsgroups - so I could link to my blogposts instead of reposting it again and again.
I was already happy with only a few blogposts and actually didn't really plan to update it anyway - only once in a while.
Maybe I could have updated my blog more often with latest Security News etc, but decided not to do so.
However, after a month or two, I saw that some people started to follow this blog and linked to it as well. That was a pleasant surprise.
And that's why I'm still updating this blog with thoughts (mainly rants), tutorials and other (stupid) stuff.

Anyway, thanks for the comments and feedback I have received so far - I've learned a lot from this and I'm still learning every day!

Thank you readers!

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