Sunday, November 16, 2008

MSN Virus!! No scanners detect it!!!!

This is a common subject I see in forums lately.
People are complaining about an "MSN Virus" and no scanners can detect it.
This so called "MSN Virus" is responsible for sending links to their contacts list.
Yes, there are indeed some worms, spreading via messenger and infecting your computer, for example the IRCBOT-RB Trojan and many other variants.

However, this one is totally different... and is actually already going on for a while...

It appears that many aren't aware of this one yet, because I still see so many threads in forums where many AV scanners and other scanners were being used > result > no detections, no strange files, no strange loading points etc..
Long threads with no ending since they can't find the main cause.

Actually, the main cause is very simple - The login/password of the MSN account was gathered because they entered that info via the link they received once.
This is an example of a link they receive:

More detailed info from some older blogposts:

Links may be different, but the scenario is still the same.

If you click that link, your browser will open and you are presented with a webpage where it prompts you to enter your MSN Login and Password to proceed.
Ofcourse, the only purpose here is to gather your Login and password so they can (ab)use it to log in into your account and send the same link to your other contacts.
In this case, your computer isn't infected which explains why scanners won't find a thing.

Solution is simple: Change your MSN password.

As I said, this one is already going on for a while - but in the last couple of days, I see more and more threads in forums about this one - endless threads with several different logs which won't show anything.
That's why, if you think you're dealing with a similar "infection", change your password first and see if that solves your problem. If not, then make sure your Antivirus Scanner is up to date and perform a full scan with it.

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