Monday, July 14, 2008

Q is good for you

Well, it really is! Nothing security related right now since I'm taking a break, but I wanted to share this with you...
If you're in Belgium and you really need a break, chill out, then you really should visit the Q-Beach House!

Q-Music is a popular radio station in Belgium and even though I don't live in Ostend, it's my place to be to chill out.
My afternoon starts with a Mojito - (the best I ever had) - then a Sangria Samba with pamperon Rum, then another Mohito and another Sangria....and.... well, I can assure you... a day you won't forget!

Great music in between - One - U2, This is the life - Amy Macdonald, Modern World - Anouk and so many others! Great view as well..

Alexandra Potvin,, one of the radiopresenters:

She's just great!
So if you really need a break, visit the Q-Beach House!
See you there!

More "holiday pics" will follow soon...

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