Saturday, May 10, 2008

PhraseExpress - Useful tool for common used phrases

As most of you know - or don't know... I am active at several different Security related forums to guide people how to remove malware.
For that, I use canned speeches, because most of the instructions always return. For example, a step-by-step guide how to run a certain Online scanner, how to run certain Removal tools etc...
I have been using several different tools in the past to manage my canned speeches and enter them immediately in my replies. Some are great, however, there was always something I was missing - until I installed PhraseExpress.
This was Exactly the program I was looking for!

It has so many features. Some of them are:

* Supports Hotkeys, custom text abbreviations - so you can give each common used phrase/canned speech a hotkey or text abbreviation. Just use the hotkey or text and it inserts the phrases/canned speech automatically.
* Autocompletes phrases with predictive text recognition.
* Uses a context menu, so phrases / canned speeches are easy to select.
* Has the option to open a certain context menu folder or phrases by using an assigned word.
* Includes spelling correction.
* Contains a clipboard cache where recently copied clipboard contents are stored.
* You can even launch applications by entering text shortcuts.
* Very easy to manage and to backup.
* And for me, the most important advantage (since many other similar tools don't support this (yet): It works in any application where you can enter text!!!
* And so many more!

Here's a screenshot how it looks like in my case:

In this case, I opened it via the tray icon, but you can also let it open (context menu) via an assigned word in every application.
Example (in this case a forum post):

In this case, I assigned the word "tu" in order to open the PhraseExpress "Tool & Utilities" folder I created. As you can see, I have seperate phrases stored in this folder. I only have to select the one I want and it enters itself automatically into the textfield.
The same applies for other applications, for example notepad or any other application where you can enter text.

Visit the main site for more features and info: - including video demos.
Even better is to try it - It's still the best way to find out the advantages of this tool.

And... before I forget.. You can use PhraseExpress for free!
But since I like this tool so much, I supported them by purchasing a license. It's really worth the money!

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