Monday, October 27, 2008

That was a stupid thing to say

I was helping someone yesterday with a SEVERLY infected computer. This computer was infected for at least 1 year since older malware was still active and running, with on top, newer malware including a File infector, some backdoors, random adware and god knows what else...
So you can imagine there wasn't much we could do about it, this computer was TOAST.
Then this user told me that he was actually PROUD of the fact that he managed to get 4 different computers infected/damaged in a short period of time.
Excuse me?

That's where I ended my support - told him to format and reinstall Windows and never use a computer anymore.

This is once again an example why some people should be restricted to use computers and is a perfect addition to my previous rant: "The Neverending story".
Oh, and yes, I do agree with Eugene's Final thoughts - with the addition that Internet access should be restricted for such people as in above example.

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